About Rico’s Burritos

Rico’s Burritos strives to be the best restaurant quality burrito in not only the Denver Metro area but in the country. Our ingredients are the finest in the industry and we have a staff that has the same passion and spirit as our founder Rick Garcia. Our goal is to provide you with an unsurpassed unique eating experience each and every time you bite into one of our delicious burritos. We are devoted to creating food that capitalizes on our attention to quality and authenticity. Please enjoy our bold flavors.

Offered both fresh and frozen in either foil or paper, these burritos can be direct store delivered in the state of Colorado for ultimate waste control.

Rico’s Burritos are available for purchase at over 180 fine convenience stores in Colorado, and soon to be in California, Oregon, and Washington!

Each one is a hearty 10 oz. and made with the best ingredients. They can be added to the oven and heated as needed, which eliminates spoilage and maximizes profit.

Our manufacturing facilities and production practices are safe, closed to the public, FDA and USDA inspected. We’re HACCP, U.S. Military and Homeland Security compliant and approved. We take the safe handling and process of our products seriously. Every product produced in our CCTV monitored kitchen has been inspected, USDA Certified (meat products), and labeled accordingly. Additionally, our kitchen staff have completed extensive food handling training and key members are ServSafe® certified.

Great Taste. Great Variety

We make good burritos. We eat them ourselves because love them.

USDA certifications are more than a stamp on our product. It means we adhere to the highest standards of cleanliness, production, safety, and security. Our facility and products are inspected personally by USDA inspectors on a daily basis. Our team has the best training and maintain strict adherence to policy. Our procedures follow USDA guidelines from production to shipping, to storage, to display, and finally, to the consumer’s hands.

Over 5,000 Burritos Sold Daily